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Would you like to a rebate of 12.5% of your beer sales? 

Yes, it is possible!

Xtreme Hospitality (XH) is proud to partner with the PCVA to offer Tier 1 programming Canada wide.

XH specializes in securing small to medium sized independent hospitality businesses the cheapest rates, largest rebates, and customized marketing solutions to help business. Their services are available coast to coast – but not to everyone! As a group of businesses, XH offers access to these services specifically to the PCVA members. It’s easy to get involved and has a bottom-line benefit.

When you sign up as an individual operator to XH’s alcoholic product programs, you agree to carry those brands (click on the images on the right to view their product lines). At the end of the season, XH calculates your purchase volume based on your liquor license number and submits it to the liquor marketing agency. XH will then send you your rebate.

Please note that as a member of PCVA, you do not have to sign on to the programme. For those who do sign on, there is a direct pay-off.

XH has other programs that you can benefit from as well, such as rebates on food purchases, disposable items and other business products. To determine the value it may provide to your operation, check out XH’s online calculator for a rough estimate of the rebate you could be eligible for:

In the short term, the PCVA will be sending out a SHORT survey to help gauge our members opportunity. The questions will be designed to determine collective interest and if we can proceed to create an access point for the membership.

For more information, please contact Xtreme Hospitality at:

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