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Representing a diverse membership from coast to coast, our members provide dinner cruises, sightseeing cruises, harbor tours, excursions and industrial services. We connect Canadians to the water be it social or commercial.


Advocate, educate, and train.



The PCVA is committed to excellence in safety aboard member vessels. Our Transport Canada approved training program is a free resource to our members.


Passenger & Commercial Vessel Association

The purpose and objectives of the Association is to promote the general welfare of the passenger and commercial vessel industry; to keep members informed as to developments pertaining to the industry, to represent the industry in the area of government regulations, to promote and encourage excellence in safety aboard vessels of the PCVA, and to promote any enterprise which will benefit members of the Association collectively.

Join the PCVA

If you are an Operator of a Transport Canada inspected vessel, what is stopping you from belonging to the Passenger & Commercial Vessel Association?