PCVA Crew Training Program

The Passenger & Commercial Vessel Association is a Transport Canada Recognized Maritime Training Institution.



Access to the PCVA training program is available free of charge to all active Members of the PCVA.

Training Materials

Existing Materials: TC has authorized members to continue to use the training materials you have purchased in the past.

New Materials: If you require training materials they will be available shortly in the Member Resources section of the PCVA website

Approved Trainers

Existing Trainers: All previously approved TC trainers are authorized to deliver training under the PCVA training program. It is a requirement that all trainers be an employee of a Member Company in order to be an approved trainer. For a list of approved trainers in your area please contact training@pcva.ca.

New Trainers: If you are interested in having one of your employees approved please contact training@pcva.ca for details.


Certificates will be issued at a cost of $20 per trained crew member.  Please contact training@pcva.ca regarding dates of training, and any questions you may have.