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Knowledge Sharing

Knowledge Sharing

Going to a conference that you think other members would be interested in?
Will you be learning things worthy of sharing?

We all can’t attend every great conference that we want to – there’s just no time to fit them all in!

If you’re going to a conference that you think would have some useful information for PCVA members, how would you like to share what you learned?

The Board has a little incentive to encourage members to share: We have budgeted a $500 contribution to members to help cover the registration (or associated) costs of an industry or related conference upon providing a written report on what was learned*. We would then post it in the Members’ Area of the website for other members to read.


*Information shared cannot include any copyrighted information or other intellectual property provided exclusively to conference attendees.

If you’re interested in participating in this initiative, please send an email to, prior to attending the conference, with information about the conference for presentation to the Board. The Board will then review and determine approval.